Welcome to My Home Page!

Of course, some would say, this is a really just a personal “brag page” —but I don’t agree; I say it is all about “communicating,” which is a good thing. I’ve discovered that many of my generation (born in the 1930’s) would say, “It violates my privacy, and besides, why communicate with someone I will never meet?” My own acceptance of “global communications” undoubtedly began in high school (1947) through my experiences as a ham radio operator (call sign: W5OUS). With my first simple “rig” (station), I was soon chatting by Morse code with people all over the world. So, to me, my home page is just another “window on the world.”

Today, e-mail and my web browser are the primary ways of communicating with my family and friends. When we meet someone new, don’t we quickly exchange e-mail addresses? Often, an email turns that short initial meeting into a real friendship. As we discuss our lives, experiences and interests, it is really fun to offer them a “link” to something here, on my home page. So,
WELCOME, and off you go, exploring my life... It would be icing on the cake if you dropped me a note via e-mail: raymack@mac.com. I’ve struggled to enjoy FaceBook, and grudgingly have a presence there, simply because so many of you have abandoned good OLD E-MAIL! (Ray, now who is “failing to communicate?”)

Oh by the way… It is especially thrilling if a web search engine brought you here,
GOOGLE, BING, etc.—what marvels! This happens fairly regularly and I’ve connected with people I didn’t even know because of some shared experience or interest they “Googled” up from my home page!

Finally, the name is
RAY MACK THOMPSON. However, unless you are from my home town, you can just call me RAY!
Bye R@y (A little personal tag for e-mail that I picked up years ago!)

So, you wonder about the beautiful woman on my HELLO page? Well, her name is Dot Murphy. Its quite a story and the first really BIG news to hit my webpage in many years….. Curious? Well, it all started in 2008 when I secretly hit a certain webpage…

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